Financing a Car Purchase from Auto ESA

We constantly try to make a better car more affordable to you. That is why our sales departments offer the best financing services available, and make your attainment of a better car easier.

Car sales on credit dominate the most commonly used facilities. Among other reasons, this financing product is attractive because it typically results in a lower purchase price on the chosen car than its cash price. You can draw credit on up to 100% of the car price, meaning zero initial investment and a postponed first instalment for up to a month. You can tailor instalment periods of between 12 and 96 months to best suit your requirements. You will also additionally receive a one-year warranty service free of charge.

We have launched a very good bargain credit plan for newly starting entrepreneurs. The credit amount is only limited by your ability to repay instalments regularly. We require a trade licence and an ID card; you do not need to document your trade income history for credit up to CZK 300,000.

The credit instalments are invariable. This means the instalment amount remains the same throughout your repayment period (unlike with a mortgage that may change over time).

Writing the draft agreement takes 10 minutes, and the approval procedure takes no more than half an hour. You need no guarantor, and you can drive off in your new car. You will save cash for other purposes and determine the instalment amount yourself. Entrepreneurs can deduce the amount from their tax basis.

We collaborate with the biggest renowned leasing companies and are able to arrange better conditions with them than an individual natural person. The same applies to auxiliary products such as car liability insurance, accident insurance and other forms of bargain insurance that can be paid in instalments. Moreover, the client may also choose insurance for instalment inability due to illness or loss of employment.

Auto ESA can arrange back credit in cooperation with our financing partners. The owner pays the financing corporation a loan approximately equalling the value of the car in the form of pre-arranged instalments while they continue using the car. We can even finance a car for which you yourself have got a buyer without enough cash.

When buying a car on credit, you can choose from a number of benefits such as new tyres, a laptop, a satellite security device or a travel card with an unlimited number of stays for 2 persons in a 3- to 5-star hotel FREE of charge. You can choose from approximately 1600 hotels in 18 countries. Buying a car and accessories with a financing facility is simply worthwhile. We looking forward to seeing you at Auto ESA.

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