100% safe purchase guarantee

You would like to buy a new car but doubt frightens your dreams. You need not fear with us! We will give you the 100% guarantee of a safe purchase.

This is a direct result of us being the exclusive owner of a car when we sell it, meaning we bear all the risks associated with it. In the event of a complaint, you have somewhere to turn; we will not try to wriggle out of it like some competing used car dealers, who in fact only do consignment sales.


What are the advantages for you?

we will not turn our back on you in the event of a previously hidden defect

you don't need to haggle with the previous owner

you can be sure to get all the accessories for the car

you know the car is legally clear

In a nutshell, you are not buying a pig in a poke but a car with our guarantee. That definitely pays off.

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