Car Control Certificate

Purchasing a used vehicle in a certified used car centre is the most important step of safe buying. Auto ESA is the leading seller of used cars in the Czech Republic that has obtained quality certification from TÜV NORD Czech. The certification was also awarded to Auto ESA because of the fact that all of the sold cars are subject to a thorough inspection process, which provides certainty to customers that every car was properly verified and checked before selling.
A Vehicle Inspection Certificate (VIC) is then issued to cars sold by Auto ESA, which means that it is currently the most comprehensive certification of used vehicles in the Czech Republic. This Certificate is issued by Automotive Support Group s.r.o. in collaboration with Cebia and TÜV NORD Czech.

What is checked before a Certificate is issued

  • VIN control
  • theft control
  • financial control
  • registration date control
  • control of driven kilometres
  • speedometer control
  • vehicle origin control
  • ecotax payment control
  • VAT control
  • serious accident control
  • registration control
  • flood damage control
  • engine type control
  • vehicle identifier control

On the basis of the result of this verification, each vehicle is assessed in a scale of seven stars. With respect to the fact that Auto ESA only buys good-quality vehicles with a clear service history, we do not offer any car which is not awarded at least 5 stars.
The VIC certification ensures clients that they are buying good-quality and checked car. VIC is also a good tool to increase or maintain the vehicle value. Any other prospective buyer interested in the vehicle will prefer a car owner who can prove that the car sold has been checked by a specialised company.

The Vehicle Inspection Certificate is issued to vehicles with a sales price over CZK 80,000 and speedometer reading up to 250,000 km, on which sufficient information is available so that the Certificate could be issued. A Cerbia Report is issued to vehicles up to CZK 80,000 and with a speedometer reading over 250,000 km.

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